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Why Choose a Legal DNA Test? in Pleasanton, CA

Need a DNA Test for Court? Make Sure it’s Legal.

There are many situations in which DNA evidence could be helpful or even imperative to winning your case in court or in a hearing by a government agency. Maybe you need to prove paternity in a custody and visitation case. Maybe you need to prove paternity to collect child support. Maybe you need to prove a biological relationship to help one of your relatives immigrate legally to the US, or maybe you need to prove a blood relationship to collect Social Security benefits or receive an inheritance from the estate of one of your relatives.

In any court proceeding, your DNA test results are worthless if they aren’t reliable enough to be admissible in court. Where you choose to get your test and how it is processed matters. You may be tempted to get a less expensive home test. But you could end up costing yourself much more in the long run.

Regardless of the situation, even if your test results prove what you want them to prove, if the test wasn’t performed and documented in a very specific way, it won’t be considered in court. At best, you’ve wasted time and money and will have to undergo another test under the proper procedures. At worst, you could miss your chance altogether and lose your case. That’s why it is so important to choose a testing company whose technicians are trained and certified to get your test results admitted into the court’s evidence. ARCpoint Labs of Pleasanton, CA technicians are highly trained in the the proper steps to make sure the court admits your DNA testing results.
In a legal test, all participants are tested in-person at a qualified lab. ARCpoint Labs of Pleasanton, CA’s qualified testing procedures and highly trained staff provide reliable, admissible test results that can be used in court. If all parties are not in the same area, ARCpoint Labs of Pleasanton, CA has many locations across the nation. Everyone does not have to go to the same place or be there at the same time. ARCpoint’s chain of custody procedures ensure that remote DNA testing is as reliable as if everyone came to the same location all together.

Chain of Custody Makes the Difference

“Chain of custody” is a phrase used to describe a particular method of handling any kind of physical evidence used in criminal or civil court cases. Showing that evidence has been processed using a proper chain of custody is one required factor courts use to determine if it can be used in the case. With DNA testing results, the chain of custody procedure includes the following:

  • Photo IDs of participants aged 18 and older
  • Photos of everyone involved
  • Signed consent from adults & legal guardians for minors
  • Specimen collection (buccal swab/cheek swab)
  • Legal labeling and packaging
  • Specimens ship to testing laboratory directly through approved route
  • Proper shipping, storage and results communication to and from the lab
  • Paperwork and documents with DNA test results properly filled out
  • DNA specimen processed by American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) certified laboratory

Informational vs. Legal DNA Test – Why You Should Get a Legal DNA Test

What if you just want genetic information for personal reasons, such as family history research? Is a legal DNA test really necessary in this case? Why invest in a legally admissible DNA test even if you aren’t planning on going to court?

Investing in a court admissible DNA test regardless of your situation can save you time, headaches and needless disappointment in the long run. There are always circumstances we can’t foresee or control. Choosing a legal DNA test now will prevent you from having to complete another court-admissible test in the future. For example, you could get results back and find out something about your lineage that requires legal action, like a claim to an estate or other legal claims. If you used a DNA test that is not adequate to prove your claim legally, you will be required to complete another legally admissible DNA test.

Choose a legal DNA test from ARCpoint Labs of Pleasanton, CA at the start, and avoid wasting time and money.

Get a Confidential, Accurate Legal DNA Test at ARCpoint Labs of Pleasanton, CA

ARCpoint Labs of Pleasanton, CA DNA testing services strictly adhere to varying requirements in each jurisdiction, ensuring admissibility in court and reliability in your other business applications. To learn more about our court admissible DNA testing, contact ARCpoint Labs of Pleasanton, CA today.

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